Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Using Aurasma for the First Time!

Yesterday afternoon I spent some time getting the Aurasma app set up on our iPads !

Aurasma is the world’s leading augmented reality platform. It uses advanced image and pattern recognition to blend the real-world with rich interactive content such as videos and animations! Sounds super cool, right?!?! Today, the kiddos used the Aurasma app on their iPads during reading centers! The students absolutely loved it! They kept asking if it was real and were completely blown away by what the app could do! It's a great educational tool that enhances the content learned in the classroom! It takes learning with technology to a whole new level!

Today we explored some alphabet cards that I purchased on teachers pay teachers. The children used their iPad to hover over the alphabet card. Then, like magic, the animal on the card talked and showed the student how to correctly form the letter! After that, a cool video all about that specific letter popped up on the screen! I loved watching their reactions! Their engagement level was at an all time high!

Soon we will be creating our own "Auras" to share with you! They will be Aurasma  experts by the time they leave kindergarten! :)

Friday, September 26, 2014

September 26, 2014 News

Good afternoon families!! We had another awesome week at school! We even created our first project on the iPads using PicCollage!

On Friday, next week, we are inviting our moms to come to our classroom for popcorn and a movie. I sent home an RSVP form in your child's folder. Our Movie with Mom will begin at 1:30 PM and last about 30-45 minutes. Please fill that out and send it back to school on Monday. We hope that all of our moms will be able to come!

Also, I want to let you all know that I was not at school today. TX A&M Commerce gives their mentor teachers a day off for being a mentor to their education students! I have been a mentor to student teachers for 3 years and enjoy it so much! I'm grateful for the opportunity and thankful for a little reward! I used the day to prepare for my brother's wedding which is tomorrow in College Station! I know the kiddos had a great day with Ms. Murdock and I have a special surprise for them on Monday!

Well, I hope you all have a great weekend! Remember that today is the Commerce Homecoming Game and the Bois 'd Arc Bash is this weekend! I'm sad to miss all the great things happening in Commerce the next few days! I hope to hear all about it next week. GO TIGERS!

Community Helpers Field Trip

Yesterday we took a trip around Commerce to the police station, fire department, post office and Good Donuts! We had a great time learning about those helpers and what they do to make our community better! We each received a coloring page, a sticker badge and donut holes! The children even took their own pictures with our iPads to document their trip! They took over 500 pictures/ videos!! After our last stop, we went to the city park for a picnic lunch and a little play time!! I hope they came home talking about all the fun and learning that happened! I can't wait for them to use their pictures for a project that we will complete on the iPad's next week!

Ready for our trip!

On the bus to the police station!

Officer Suarez talking to us!

Amazed at the dispatch center!

Walking to the jail cell!

Listening to the office talk about the dangers of drugs. Just say NO!

In front of the police car!

On to the fire department!

Watching him get his gear on!

High fives for everyone!

In front of the fire truck!

Waiting for our turn at the post office!

Listening to the post master!

We got to mail a letter!!

Behind the scenes!

In front of the post at office!

Thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Conner for coming with us!
On the bus to Good Donuts

Passing out donut holes!


In front of Good Donuts!

Picnic at the park!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Creating Using PicCollage & A Homecoming Video

Today during math centers we used the app PicCollage to make a collage out of the pictures we took during our number hunt. The children learned how to add pictures, text, and stickers to their collage. They pointed out each number they found and used manipulatives to represent it! The students were so excited about their collages after they finished them! We didn't get to share them today, but everyone got to make one! We will try to share the final products on Twitter tomorrow!

Today before dismissal the students and I discussed homecoming and why the teachers decorated the classroom doors. We did a few chants while sitting on the rug and I thought it would be a great idea to record them chanting for their Commerce Tigers! I knew they would enjoy cheering and that others would love seeing it! Ms. Murdock recorded us and I added the video to our YouTube channel. Then I created a QR code to put up by our decorated door! This way others can walk by the door, scan the QR code, and watch our video! It was a great activity for the children to learn how things can be easily shared and viewed by others! We love to share the things happening in our classroom!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

iPad Project Started & Reading Center Activities

Today during math centers we started our first project on the iPads! We went on a number hunt throughout our school and took pictures of the numbers we found! Tomorrow we will do the second part of the project! We are hoping to share our final products with you tomorrow afternoon!

Rhyme Time! During reading centers, students worked in their small group to match rhyming picture cards!

Letter or Word? Another reading center activity involved the students sorting letters and words. After they were sorted, the students took turns reading the words and identifying the different letters!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Talk Like a Pirate & Our First Official Tweet

Today was Talk like a Pirate day!! Ms. Gardner and I dressed for the part! We also made sure that the rest of our crew had something "piratey" to wear! Throughout the day, I talked like a pirate and the kids did too! It started with breakfast count, then calendar, and then phonics! We even journaled "I am a pirate." The kids loved it! They were very engaged throughout each lesson! We ended the day with some time in fun Friday centers and talked about our first project that we will do on the iPad next week!! I can't wait to share that with you soon!

We also had our first student tweet from the Promethean board! We got to tweet with Ms. Murdock since she wasn't with us today (she had seminar at the university)! The children helped compose the tweet and then we read it together to make sure it made sense! Then we had a special friend press the "tweet" button to send it out! The children love twitter!! It is such a great tool to use to connect with others! We will also use it to learn on multiple levels in multiple subjects!

September 19, 2014 News

Hi Families! Check out our newsletter for the week! It's been an awesome week!

Next Thursday (9/25) we will go on our community helpers field trip! We will visit the police station, fire department, post office, and a doughnut shop! This trip will go along with our book of the week: Miss Bindergarten Takes a Field Trip with Kindergarten! Your child will need a sack lunch because we will have a picnic at the park before returning to school. Please fill out the sack lunch form that is in your child's folder and return it to school on Monday. I am looking forward to this field trip! The children learn so much and always have a great time visiting with the local community helpers!

Also, Friday, October 3rd is our Movie with Mom. This will be during our letter Mm week! We are inviting our moms to come to school at 1:30 PM on that day for a movie and popcorn in our classroom. The event will last about 30-45 minutes. I will send an invitation home soon so that you can RSVP! We can't wait for our moms to visit us!