Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Creating Using PicCollage & A Homecoming Video

Today during math centers we used the app PicCollage to make a collage out of the pictures we took during our number hunt. The children learned how to add pictures, text, and stickers to their collage. They pointed out each number they found and used manipulatives to represent it! The students were so excited about their collages after they finished them! We didn't get to share them today, but everyone got to make one! We will try to share the final products on Twitter tomorrow!

Today before dismissal the students and I discussed homecoming and why the teachers decorated the classroom doors. We did a few chants while sitting on the rug and I thought it would be a great idea to record them chanting for their Commerce Tigers! I knew they would enjoy cheering and that others would love seeing it! Ms. Murdock recorded us and I added the video to our YouTube channel. Then I created a QR code to put up by our decorated door! This way others can walk by the door, scan the QR code, and watch our video! It was a great activity for the children to learn how things can be easily shared and viewed by others! We love to share the things happening in our classroom!

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