Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Silly Mrs. Pullen :)

First day with the iPads was a great success! We continued to go over the expectations and proper uses! Then we practiced writing our sight words in the app KidSlate with our stylus pens! Tomorrow we are going to use the camera! It will come in handy when we begin our first project!

We also received our 22 Sony headphones from our Donors Choose project!! I have a lot of unpacking and labeling ahead of me! But I'll get it done this week so we can start rocking and rolling with our new tools!

This afternoon we sang our Heidi number songs before math centers. Ask your child if Mrs. Pullen counted to 100 correctly! :) I completely skipped numbers 1-20 and started singing at number 21! The kids got a good laugh out of it! I couldn't stop laughing until the song ended! I can't tell you how much I enjoy laughing with them even when it's about one of my mistakes! They are the best at helping me get through the errors I make! We have created such a positive classroom community in these first few weeks of school!! Just like in every family, every child brings something special to our classroom family! They are invaluable!

I hope you are enjoying being apart of our educational journey! Buckle up because we have many more exciting things in store for you! 

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