Monday, September 15, 2014

We Love Technology!

We had an awesome day full of all things technology!! This morning we got to video chat with my brother Tony who is in the Army and stationed in Kuwait. It was an introductory activity for our community helpers unit!! The children were beyond excited to talk to him and they asked him so many great questions too! Ask your child what they learned from Sgt. De La Rosa!

This afternoon we got two special deliveries! First we received our Apple TV from our Donor's Choose project! We should get our class set of headphones tomorrow! I can't wait to get everything set up so we can start using our new tools!

At snack time, Heather Kilgore and Al Shipp brought in our iPad card with our class set of iPad minis!! The kids couldn't believe their eyes! I wish I would have recorded it! Their excitement was off the charts! We are officially a 1:1 classroom!! How cool is that?!?!

I am so grateful to have these wonderful educational tools to use everyday in the classroom! The level of student engagement and creativity are immeasurable at times when students are using such powerful tools that enhance their learning! We are so very thankful!


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  2. Looks like Christmas came early in your class!