Saturday, October 18, 2014

Apple Tasting & Friday Centers

For snack yesterday, we tasted several apple flavored products!!! The children really enjoyed the yummy activity! Next week, we will each graph our favorite item! This fun activity rolls math, reading, and science all into one! It was a great learning experience!

In centers, we labeled parts of an apple!! The kids had a great time! They are going to look so good hanging from the ceiling! It will give them room a fall, crafty touch!

The students used pattern blocks to create pictures! They love exploring with manipulatives!

We also worked together to build with blocks! We try to do this every couple of weeks! It is definitely a great activity that builds teamwork within their center groups!

Lastly, they got to use the cookie cutters with playdoh! Some used the letters to make words and others created characters for their story mats!! They got very creative with their playdoh cut outs!!

We had a fantastic Friday!

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