Thursday, October 9, 2014

#greatness: Math Journaling on the iPads!!

Journaling on the iPads has been a dream of mine for over a year! I've been reading blogs, searching for tools, and listening to how other educators make it work in their classroom. I decided to just give it a try today during math centers! And I was amazed at how immersed my students were in the activity! They absolutely loved documenting their knowledge of math concepts on their iPad using the Story Creator app! One student asked if this journal would be like their writing journal and inquired how they would share it with their peers and families! Wow! My students are great thinkers! I told him that we would document our journey through our exploration of math concepts and share them with each other weekly using our Apple TV. I also let him know that we could share this digital project with our families at the end of the school year! He was so excited!

My students took this activity far beyond what I had imagined! Just goes to show how the children are fearless explorers when it comes to discovering new ways to use educational technology!

They enlighten me daily and inspire me to be a brave and bold educator!

Can't wait to see this project develop over the school year!

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