Monday, November 3, 2014

Creating with Aurasma

We've been using the Aurasma app in centers since the 3rd week of school! The children absolutely love it! It makes their tangible world come to life with the use of augmented reality! An example of this is: our alphabet cards, when scanned with the app, become animated! They have fun songs and videos that are played too just from scanning a card!

Aurasma mixes the real world with the virtual world and takes learning to a whole new level!

Today we used Aurasma to create our own auras! Each child drew a picture of a family rule that they follow at home. Instead of having the children explain their picture to me, I helped them record themselves telling me about the rule. Then we used Aurasma to create a trigger image for the video! The trigger image we used was their drawing of their family rule! It was something unique that when scanned will only pull up their video! Once we had the overlay (the video) and the trigger image (their picture) we named the aura and BAM! They created their first Aurasma! 

They were amazed at their creation! Each group kept saying how "cool" it was! :)

I'm going to hang their pictures up for a few weeks, but I will be sure to send instructions on how to view their aura when their picture comes home!

I love experiencing new things with my digital learners! 

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