Friday, December 5, 2014

Tweeting and Google Forms

We've been tweeting so much this week! The children tweeted Cari Sturch (Sturchie) and Heathet Kilgore and asked them their favorite Christmas traditions. We also tweeted pictures of the many activities we did throughout the week!

Each day this week we completed our weather observation Google form. We complete it on the board together and then we get to see the data collected in the form of a graph! We will continue doing this over the next several weeks! This is a great way for us to record the weather and keep up with and analyze the data! 

The children really enjoy tweeting! They have come to realize that sharing what we are learning is a great way to get others involved! People are always complementing is on the awesome things we have going on in our classroom! I couldn't do that without such wonderful students that are willing to try new and innovative ways to learn!

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