Friday, January 30, 2015

Weekly Happenings

I usually try to post pictures multiple times a week updating you all about what we do, but it's been so busy that is just been posting on Friday afternoons. I'll try to get back with it! ;) Here's what we've been up to this week:

We discussed day and night and drew activities we do during those times!

We worked with the numbers 16-20 on our double 10 frame mats!

Then we documented our learning in our iPad math journal!

Great drawing! And look at that spelling! Proud teacher!

We got to watch PBS twice this week during lunch!

Here is the Pic Collage we made to show things we can see during the day!

We used the iPads to learn facts about animals and answered comprehension questions!

This week we used the Show Me app to draw a picture and describe one event from the book The Lion and the Mouse!

What a great week!

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