Monday, April 6, 2015

Creation Apps: Tellagami

Today my students used the Tellagami app to create their very own weather forecasts! We've been discussing weather throughout the six weeks including temperature, precipitation, and wind conditions!

While making their gamis, they found a weather forecast background by searching safari. Once they found the forecast they wanted to use, they studied the picture to decide what they would say about the weather. I wanted them to tell me about the temperature, something they could wear during the week, and if there was going to be any chance of rain. 

After they chose their background, they were able to customize their avatar. Most of them made their avatar resemble themselves. This is the part that takes the longest because they enjoy changing every aspect of their avatar! :)

With their background and avatar ready, they were able to record their forecast for 30 seconds. The free version of Tellagami allows you to do 30 seconds of voice recording which is just enough for a forecast! For older students, you can type in what you would like the avatar to say and pick a prerecord voice. Recording their own voice works better for my students!

After they were completely finished, they saved their Tellagni to their camera roll on the iPad and then air dropped their final product to me! My students have become quite the digital learners! My hope is to start using Google Classroom so that they can upload all digital work into one place! How neat will it be for them to start a digital project portfolio in kindergarten!

Enjoy the pictures and videos of these technology smarties!!

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