Monday, August 31, 2015

Week 2 is Off to a Great Start!

We had a busy day at school!! Today we started with the letter Ll in Saxon Phonics. We will have a letter a week in Saxon! This program builds on itself and we will begin reading CVC words soon! We also learned about letters Aa-Ee and the sight words I and am! We did rainbow writing and got to sing the Heidi Songs that go with those sight words!! At iPad center, we used alphabet flashcards to match the letter with the correct sound! Tomorrow we will use augmented reality alphabet flash cards!!

In math we counted sets of school buses (up to 5) using a Promethean Board flip chart. The children got to go up to the board and circle the number of school buses that they counted.

In social studies this week we will be going over classroom rules, routines, and procedures! We watched the Brain Pop Jr. video about kindergarten and then brainstormed rules to follow at different places around the school!

It was a great day full of learning!!

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