Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Look What Is Going On At School

We are having a great week so far! We've been busy leaning about many things!

Using the iPads to review our vocabulary words!

Composing 5 with marbles on the Promethean Board!

Sorting capital and lowercase Mm's!

Watching the Community Helpers video on Brain Pop Jr.

Sequencing the process of sending a letter!

Teaching our neighbor about vowels!

Singing our compound words song!

Making shapes on our geoboards!!

Mystery sacks with sets of objects!!

Friday, September 25, 2015

September 25, 2015 News

We've had an awesome week at school! I was so excited to see several of you at the Back to School Ball last night! It was definitely a hit! I think this will become a yearly event for CES!

Take a look at our newsletter for the week. We have several upcoming events that you won't want to miss so be sure to get those 'Days to Remember' on your calendar!

Bois D' Arc Bash is this weekend! I'm looking forward to celebrating this annual community tradition and I'm sure I'll see many of you there!!

I hope everyone has a fun ans safe weekend!

October 2015 Snack Calendar

Here is our Snack Calendar for October. I will send home a paper copy in your child's folder on Monday. Please send a snack for 19 students on your child's designated snack day. Snacks should follow the nutritional guidelines listed in the student handbook. If you have any questions about snack please let me know! Thank you to everyone that brought snack this month!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Rhyming Words Project with Pic Collage

I'm so excited to share our first experience creating in the classroom this school year! We've been learning about rhyming words the past few weeks with picture cards, matching activities, and songs! As I've watched my students learn, I knew they were ready to put their learning into action! Since the first week of school, we've used the iPad's daily for skills based activities. With their knowledge of rhyming words and experience using the iPad I knew they were ready to create! Pic Collage is a very user friendly app that I use to make my own picture colleges. The children can usually use it on their own after a few guided practice sessions with me. 

While at centers today, I helped each child create their own collage! They had to come up with three words that rhyme. Then we got on safari to search for pictures to match the words. After that  they imported their pictures into Pic Collage, picked a background, and saved their finished product to the camera roll on their iPad!

They had a great time creating and were very engaged in the activity from start to finish! Several of them asked if they could make another one! I told them that we will use Pic Collage again very soon!!

During the activity:

Some of our finished products:

Friday, September 18, 2015

September 18, 2015 News

Hello everyone!! We had a great week at school! Take a look at our newsletter for the week! We have several upcoming events so take a look at the Dates to Remember section and write those down on your calendar! :) There is lots of fun activities happening in the near future that I don't want you to miss! If you have any questions about our upcoming activities please let me know.

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Weekly Happenings

We've been busy learning a lot at school this week! Counting words in sentences, making sets in math, putting together number puzzles (with 5 frames, tally marks, numerals, and number words), and sorting capital and lowercase letters just to name a few! Each day is filled with lots of educational activities and centers to help us learn new concepts!

Today we enjoyed our first round of Kona Ice snow cones!! It sure was a refreshing treat on a humid day!

Stay tuned for lots more fun and exciting news from our class!!

Friday, September 11, 2015

September 11, 2015 News

Hi Families!! Although it was a short week, we had lots going on at school! The ArboREADum Grand Opening was yesterday and we got to take a tour inside it today! Next week we will go to the ArborREADum for a fun and educational lesson. I can't wait to share pictures of that! Take a look at our newsletter for the week and be sure to write those days to remember on your calendar! There are also two tentative dates you will want to jot down. We are planning on going on our Community Helpers field trip on October 1st and we've got Movies with Mom scheduled for October 2nd. I will send more information to you about these events soon!

Tonight is the Commerce High School Homecoming game!! It starts at 7:30 PM! Hope to see you there! GO TIGERS!!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! See you all Monday!

Tour of the ArboREADum

Today we got to tour the ArboREADum!! It is absolutely stunning! What a transformation from what it used to be! Take a look at the pictures I took while we were in there! I can't wait for the students to use all the educational tools that are available in the fabulous ArboREADum!! 

Grandparents' Day Lunch

We had a great time visiting with our grandparents during lunch today! It was so great to meet each of you! I was so excited about the wonderful turn out we had for the event! The cafeteria was packed!! Such an awesome experience for our students!! 

Thanks again for coming and making our day so special!! 

Exciting Thursday

We had a very exciting Thursday here at school! Today was the grand opening of the ArboREADum!! The children sat outside the doors for the ribbon cutting!! We are so excited to get to use this wonderful part of our school! The ArboREADum used to be the atrium but has been totally transformed into an awesome space for our students! Because of our Thursday schedule we did not get to take a tour of the ArboREADum, but we will go through it tomorrow and our first time to use it for a subject lesson will be next week!! Yay!

During reading centers we practiced sentence building with the words I am and our name! We are learning the difference between a letter/ word/ sentence! In phonics we counted the words in several sentences and even had student volunteers stand up with different words so we could add/ delete some words to show that we need all parts of the sentence for it to make sense. We also sorted letters on the iPads! This helps us with capital and lowercase letter identification!

In math we identified numerals, number words, tally marks, dice, dominoes, and ten frames for the numbers 0-5! I know that sounds like a lot, but the students enjoyed learning different ways to represent numbers! We will continue to learn about this over the next several weeks!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Play Osmos

I am so excited to share our first experience with the Osmos! On Friday the kiddos used the Play Osmos during centers. Since we've been learning about and using manipulatives all week it was perfect for us to start with the Tangrams (which is just one part of this amazing educational tool)! The Tangram game combines the classic colored wooden shapes with an app that prompts players to build certain figures. They were so engaged in the activity! The Osmo uses a reflective piece and a base to turn any surface (a table in our case) into an imaginative playing field! I took several pictures but totally forgot to video it! I'll make sure and record it next time! It's so fun to watch them use it! Play Osmos foster creative, social, and emotional learning! 

In the spring Ms. Gardner and I wrote a grant to the Commerce Education Enrichment Foundation for 12 of these unique gaming accessories for the iPad! We received them a few weeks before school and Mrs. Kilgore downloaded the apps that go with the product to our iPads! They come with Tangrams, Words, Masterpiece, and Newton!

I can't wait to use our Osmos throughout the school year! The students will greatly benefit from having these in our classroom!

"Osmo’s groundbreaking system fosters social intelligence and creative thinking by opening up the iPad to the endless possibilities of physical play." -Osmo Website