Thursday, September 24, 2015

Rhyming Words Project with Pic Collage

I'm so excited to share our first experience creating in the classroom this school year! We've been learning about rhyming words the past few weeks with picture cards, matching activities, and songs! As I've watched my students learn, I knew they were ready to put their learning into action! Since the first week of school, we've used the iPad's daily for skills based activities. With their knowledge of rhyming words and experience using the iPad I knew they were ready to create! Pic Collage is a very user friendly app that I use to make my own picture colleges. The children can usually use it on their own after a few guided practice sessions with me. 

While at centers today, I helped each child create their own collage! They had to come up with three words that rhyme. Then we got on safari to search for pictures to match the words. After that  they imported their pictures into Pic Collage, picked a background, and saved their finished product to the camera roll on their iPad!

They had a great time creating and were very engaged in the activity from start to finish! Several of them asked if they could make another one! I told them that we will use Pic Collage again very soon!!

During the activity:

Some of our finished products:

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