Thursday, October 20, 2016

iCoach Blog Post: Creation Apps: Tellagami

Want a way to bring your student’s voice to life? Well look no further! I’ve got the perfect creation app for you! TELLAGMI! Tellagmi is a FREE app that combines photos, voice, 3D character customization and personality on a mobile platform, to help your students communicate in a way that's never been possible! Here’s an example of  how I’ve used Tellagami with my Kindergarten students:

We used Tellagmi to create weather forecasts! This project was completed over a few days in small groups (4-6 students per group).

First, I had my students watch a few examples of a real weather forecast. I wanted them to see what I expected their final product to look like. Then we went over our rubric. My students were expected to include temperature, precipitation, wind conditions, and what they could wear for that type of weather in their weather report!

Next, we started creating! While making their Gamis, my students found a weather forecast background by searching safari. Once they found the forecast they wanted to use, they studied the picture to decide what they would say about the weather. As they looked at the forecast they chose, I reminded them of the different information I wanted them to include in their report. They used their rubric to draw and write down facts about their forecast. Writing their facts down helped them when they were ready to record their forecast.

After they chose their background, they were able to customize their avatar. Most of them made their avatar resemble themselves. This is the part that takes the longest because they enjoy changing every aspect of their avatar! :)

With their background and avatar ready, they were able to record their forecast for 30 seconds. The free version of Tellagami allows you to do 30 seconds of voice recording which is just enough for a forecast! For older students, you can type in what you would like the avatar to say and pick a prerecord voice. Recording their own voice works better for my students!

After they were completely finished, they saved their Tellagmi to their camera roll on the iPad and then air dropped their final product to me! My students have become quite the digital learners!

Another way for students to submit their work might be through uploading it to Google Classroom, creating a QR code to share digitally, or posting it on their personal blog!

Tellagmi can be used for many projects including reciting famous speeches, reciting a poem, telling a story through a character, explain facts about a famous person, and many more! Another great aspect about Tellagmi is you can save it to the camera roll on your device and “app smash” it with other apps like Explain Everything or iMovie!

Using creation apps like Tellagami can have a profound impact on student learning, engagement, and participation!

Enjoy the pictures and videos of these technology smarties!!

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