Monday, April 3, 2017

Creating with Puppet EDU

Hey all!! I'm excited to share all about the new app we used in class last week! My kindergarten kiddos loved using Puppet EDU to make their own slideshow! Puppet EDU allows students to easily create videos in the classroom! Students as young as FIVE can make videos to tell stories, explain ideas, or document their learning! I remember learning about this app last year at TCEA and then again this year! It was time for my little scholars to use a different app to show their learning!

So let me tell you how we used this awesome app!

First, we went on a shape hunt to take pictures of 2-D and 3-D shapes around the school. My students are very familiar with using the camera on the iPads so this did not take us long. With the help of my student teacher, I took a small group of 4-5 students out of the classroom for about 15 minutes so we were finished taking pictures in one day.

The next day, I showed the students Puppet EDU and let them do some exploring in the app. We learned how to select pictures for the slideshow, add music, and annotate over the slides. There is also an adding text feature. We did not use this function for this project, but I plan to use it for future activities!

Once the children explored and were comfortable with the app (which doesn't take long for these 5 and 6 year olds) I had them each create their own 2-D/ 3-D shapes slideshow using the pictures they took the previous day! My goal was for them to name each shape as they went through their pictures. I did not require them to tell me if it was 2-D or 3-D and I did not have them specify the number of angles/corners. For this project we focused solely on shape identification.

Their finished products were great especially for our first time utilizing this app! Here are two slideshow examples:

I hope that you enjoyed hearing about how my students used this app to create their very own shape slideshow! I believe this is an app that can be easily and effectively used by students of all grade levels and would love to hear how you decide to use it with the children in your classroom!

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